Who is Taydoe?

The Game’s Manager /Director/Video Producer/Photographer

Dontay “TAYDOE” Kidd was born and raised on the rough streets of Compton California. He is his mother’s first and only son. Growing up around a lot of negativity and faced with much adversity, he managed to make it out. He was involved with entertainment, primarily rapping, at an early age and has performed on many stages throughout Southern California; deciding after all that another career might be more rewarding. Not unlike many inner-city youth he was in and out of trouble as a young Black man. Despite this, he was able to successfully complete high school and was accepted at San Diego State University. While attending San Diego State University he continued performing, but gained interest in video production. He started off directing video introductions to his stage performances. Before giving up on rapping, Taydoe performed in London, England and recorded a music video. In May 2002, Taydoe successfully completed his education and received a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems from the prestigious SDSU College of Business Administration.

Shortly after moving back to Los Angeles, Taydoe established “Memories Gone Digital” to provide video services for weddings, anniversaries and parties. Taydoe has produced many DVDs for families and organizations in the Greater Los Angeles area. His early video productions were edited with Adobe Premiere, although he quickly graduated to Final Cut Pro. He quickly grasped the basics of Final Cut Pro thanks to the many books he read, and advanced his skills by sitting in with many great editors and studying the art and science of film creation.

In late 2005, Taydoe took his skills and creative mind to the next level. Inspired by his longtime friend “The Game”, he invested in equipment to build an in-house production studio. Taydoe put in long hours studying directing and editing. His eagerness to learn and dedication earned him the title of the official Black Wallstreet (BWS) video producer as named by “The Game”. He has been working on many BWS projects that have been released and many more in production. His first big project was assisting with the editing of the “Stop Snitching, Stop Lying” DVD. After paying his dues in directing and production, he started his own video production company, Taydoe Productions. His next significant independent project was DJ Skee’s Envy Expo Video at the Los Angeles Convention Center. His jump into directing music videos started with the very talented San Diego based R&B artist, Adrian Marquis (RIP) and the video for his hit song “Hey Mami”. He assistant directed The Game f. Keisha Cole’s single “Game’s Pain”. He has directed various music video for upcoming artists. He recently launch is new online media outlet “TAYDOE TV”. He provides the audience exclusive interviews, behind the scenes and other footage of various events.

He has the dedication and determination to make it to the top of the Video Production field. Taydoe has, and continues to strive to solidify his place as a prestigious director and producer in the entertainment industry. He definitely has the creative mind, strong mentality and unstoppable drive to make it happen. Taydoe’s long list of accomplishments thus far represents only the beginning of what will be a long and successful career in video production.

Taydoe currently serves as The Game’s Manager












TaydoeTV (2012)